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him mostly behind and in front. The scene consists mostly of povs, but it also includes some third-person perspectives. Ass play, booty cowgirl, doll, Calisa B. pov, ass play. In this bootylicious video, Calisa B plays a role in the same way she does in the other bootylicious videos. As Harley Quinn, she finds Bruce Wayne shrinking in her lair and she catches him stretching. She rides him mostly from behind and at the front of her ass. This story is mostly from a point of view, but there are also some third-person views. A doll, an ass play, a booty cowgirl, and Calisa B. Theres nothing new about this bootylicious video except Calisa B. Playing as Harley Quinn who had Bruce Wayne shrunk in her lair and he wanked to her as she stretched, she then rode him mostly from behind and in front. It is mainly a pov film, but has some third-person perspectives. pov, ass play, booty cowgirl, doll, Calisa...
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