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her spanking his ass. She makes it pink, rolls him over, and inspects his chastity. Figures. The chastity is way too big. Too much room. Sablique sizes him down, making him a cute little beta. He probably wont tug a bit The boy is in so much trouble. He tugs on the couch! He knows tugging is unacceptable. Sablique puts him on her lap, puts on the black gloves and begins punishing him. A pathetic and weak boy. She spanks him. She makes his ass pretty pink. She rolls him over and looks at his chastity. The chastity is way too large. It doesnt have enough space. Sablique snazhes him down. Thats a nice chastity for a little beta! Maybe he wont tug as much. Little Frank is in SO much trouble. He keeps tugging! He must be punished. He knows it’s unacceptable to tug. Sablique puts him over her lap, gets out her...
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