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Length:19 min
restricting Ps freedom. We are open to create custom clips with your fetish. Feel free to contact us (email is above).  Patty sits calmly in her apartment when a stranger starts aggressively knock on the front door.   The stranger appears to be a Doctor Fiddler and he’s pissed because Patty sling mud at him at the internet.   The funny thing is she doesn’t even know him and didn’t think therere might be consequences.   This man turns out to be a belly button maniac, he restricts Patty with a massive metal collar and starts roughly exploring her soft gentle belly. He changes tools: toothbrush, fingers, painting brush, etc. This bitch should know her place, she doesn’t have the right to offend anyone even at twitter. She’s cursing and screaming, the punishment is cruel and painful, she doesn’t understand why she deserves all this.  Patty happens to be a strong woman and successfully breaks the fastening of the collar. But it’s not helping, Fiddler continues to destroy the belly on the floor with more tools, such as: massage tool, oil and oil bottle, the collar and his fingers.   Check out our recommendations: Girl fixed in steel collar to...
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