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Reality Girls Scissors
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Studio:Reality Girls Scissors
Length:22 min
old calves and a new mean streak so intense it wows everyone in the room as she takes Harry part with an incredible array of submission holds she applies with cruelty and power, leaving the skinny guy who takes a ton at times shaking, crying and almost always suffering in or under some part of the wild and beautiful longhaired girl. She pours on her rear naked choke, pulling and mocking his ponytail. He sputters and hangs on in her arms with the tall girl behind him. She calls him worthless, nothing and has him repeat it on his knees. Her legs, tuned up with her anger from a year in the mountains explode with muscle in throatscissors and her remarkable figure four snakes around his neck. Straight headscissors as Master Jade lets out quiet groans pouring power on the hold with her hands laced behind her head. Harry taps. And again after enduring in another vicious figure four headscissors. He taps and she rolls her eyes has him breathe and makes him tap again and again as her calf flexes. Standing reverse headlocks. Her eyes are bright with intent behind him, hurting him in her textbook rear naked choke. The always flexible girl wraps him from her back in a bodyscissors RNC...
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