Lucie the giant Teacher 4K Version VR360 feet crush

Lucie the giant Teacher 4K Version VR360 feet crushLucie the giant Teacher 4K Version VR360 feet crushTo find more videos from
Winzlings Shrinking Clips
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Studio:Winzlings Shrinking Clips
Length:22 minutes
and adored all year. She recognizes you. Ohhh I know you! You are my student! She asks why youre shrunken, and tries to hear a response. Are you crazy? You like my feet? Lucie stands above you, a shy smile displayed on her face as she hovers her foot beside you. Wow, she isnt mad... maybe she even enjoys it a little. She sits with her feet on both sides of you, their subtle scent wafts through the air around you. The heat of her body creates a gentle, but noticeable, inward and upward draft as if her body creates its own weather at this scale. You cant help but think that if you were smaller, the wind could consume you entirely. Like a mote of dust sent aloft without noticeable reason. You will lay down on your back. she softly demands, before taking off her heels directly above you... and now you will make a massage. She places her bare foot directly on top of you you can see her face looking down from between her toes. What are you doing??? Are you licking me? She likes it and presses her foot even closer on your fragile body, with little coos of laughter. Bad boy. Keep licking my toes. She presses her big toe against you you feel and hear your bones begin to crack. She does it again, harder this time. Your daydream of being a bug on her floor quickly become too real. Such a simple movement for her is causing immeasurable pain for you. The pressure begins to drop she knows!...
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