Kookie And Saige Step On – Sweet Southern Feet SSF f

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Studio:Sweet Southern Feet SSF
Length:15 min
the front of the line, its time for paybacks. Saige starts to step on Kookies toes. Kookie pulls back because she cant take the pain. This continues until Saige is summoned. Saige and Kookie are both in line to audition. While standing in front of Saige, Kookie is trying to sabotage her because her self-esteem is so low. She keeps stepping on her heels to hurt her toes. Saige ends up being called to the front of the line since she only ends up scratching up her new heels. As Saige steps on Kookies toes, Kookie pulls back in pain, causing Saige to get called in. This continues until Saige is summoned in. A couple of auditions are on the way for Kookie and Saige. Kookie has such low self esteem that she is sabotage Saige! She is stepping on her heels trying to hurt her toes, but Saige is tougher than she thinks so all...
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