Kenzie And Riley Contest! – Sweet Southern Feet SSF wrinkled soles t

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soles and toes to a guy sitting behind them. After seeing theyre fighting a little, the gut behind them decides they need to have a contest on who is stronger and faster! They compare their bare feet, height, and hands. Then they measure each others foot length. They even do a speed test. The two of them lay out in a blanket in the yard wearing their bikinis and Riley comes to lay out with them. While they lay out, they talk a little and show off for a guy sitting behind them, showing off the wrinkled soles and toes of their feet. As soon as he sees them fighting a little, he decides to let them compete on whose stronger and faster at everything! They measure their feet, height, hands, then compare their bare feet. They even run a speed test. Kenzie is lying out on her blanket in her bikini in the backyard when Riley comes and lays out with her. While they lay out, they talk and begin showing off their wrinkled, sexy toes and soles to a guy who sits behind them. When the gut behind them notices they are fighting, he decides they will do a contest on whos the strongest and fastest. Inside,...
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