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Length:19 min
herself walking with Naruto-kun through the lush green park. Her heart was pounding with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. She had a special request in mind, something shed been thinking about for a while now.  She wanted to share a playful moment with Naruto. With a determined blush on her cheeks, Hinata finally starts: Uhm, Naruto-kun, theres something Ive been wanting to ask you.  Naruto looked curious. Sure, Hinata, anything. You can ask me anything.  Hinata took a deep breath. Well, you see, Naruto-kun, Ive been thinking... Would you, um, tickle me?  Naruto blinked in surprise. He hadnt expected that request. Tickle you? Why would you want that?  Hinatas face turned an even deeper shade of crimson. I-I thought it might be fun. A-and a good way for us to... b-bond. But can you do it in your female form? To make it less embarrassing?..  Naruto grinned, understanding her nervousness. Sure, Hinata! If it makes you happy, Id be happy to do it.  They meet the next day in a dungeon to make it easier. Naruto turns into a girl and fixes Hinata in stocks, so he has access to her ribs and feet.   Are really wants it?”, - Naruto asks nicely.  “Yes”, - she smiles while her cheeks turn red.  I cannot say no”  Naruto...
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