Growth Virus Metamorphosis Transformation Giantess Vore vore transformation

Growth Virus Metamorphosis Transformation Giantess Vore vore transformationTo find more videos from
Diane Chrystall
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Studio:Diane Chrystall
Length:21 minutes
xml version=1.0 encoding=%SOUP-ENCODING%Diane makes the best custom videos! Message her now! Her email address is on her store page!The whole video is a huge growing and transformation scene with lots of video effects and sound effects!Diane had always been a skilled doctor, with a passion for helping those in need. When a global pandemic broke out, she knew that she had to put everything else aside and focus on finding a cure. As the virus spread and patients flooded the hospital, Diane worked around the clock to treat as many people as she could but something was wrong. She could feel an intense pressure building inside of her, starting in her hands and coursing through her veins. At first, she thought it was just exhaustion, a result of long hours and high stress. But then she felt it - a sharp ripping sensation as her gloves burst apart. The skin on her hands bulged outward, becoming engorged with fluid. The feeling was indescribable, like her skin was about to...
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