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all matches are fast-paced. Read Before Purchasing: This video features Sydelle, Kelsey, and Belinda, who are next door. There are 3 minutes of Kelsey vs Noel in the first minute, 2 minutes of Belinda vs Mike, and then Sydelle vs Bobby Quick in the second minute and a half of this clip. (NOTE: this footage has been taken from GGTheGirlNextDoor20, which is no longer available). Headscissors, body scissors, chokes, and guillotine holds are all used in the matches. It features Sydelle, Kelsey, and Belinda from the next door girls group. Kelsey vs Noel is in the first minute and half, Belinda vs Mike is in the following two minutes, followed by Sydelle vs Bobby Quick (NOTE: this footage was taken...
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