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do today, she SLAMMED her big ass down hard on his face! You can barely see the slave UNDER her thick ass cheeks! Viktoria breathes a few words and drops her huge butt hard on his face! The slave struggles under her enormous butt. The slave should not have any issue with Victoria playing some video games since she has not shownered today! It is his job to SMELL SWEATY ASS! Viktoria quickly tells her slave what he is in for today before slamming her big ass down on him! The slave can barely be seen under the thick ass cheeks of Viktoria. In the midst of the slaves struggle, Viktoria drops her massive butt hard on his face. The slave struggles beneath her HUGE BUTT that completely covers the smother box. It is a priority for Victoria to play some video games today, and she hasnt showered yet today. But that shouldnt be a problem for her slave! In order to SMELL SWEATY ASS, his job is to SMELL SWEATY ASS! As Viktoria tells her slave about what he is going to do today, she slams her big ass onto his face! Viktoria gives the slave minimal breaths of air before dropping her massive ASS hard on his face! As the slave struggles...
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