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Studio:Bratty Foot Girls
Length:23 min
power and takes control of the game, not realizing that Jason is now trapped inside it. Jason is bewildered, and in his pixelated form, he pleads with Jasper to rescue him. Her initially cruel amusement fades, and she decides to attempt to help him escape. Leaning into the dark screen, she reaches in and manages to pull Jason out. However, he remains miniature, just a few inches tall. Jasper now holds the upper hand and places him on the table, ordering him to lick her giant sweaty feet in his diminished state. Reluctantly, Jason complies but starts concocting a plan to break free. With each passing moment, Jaspers control over him grows, and she revels in having him serve her. Jasper announces her verdict: Jason will become her full-time miniature slave. Panic sets in for Jason, who recalls some tricks from his gaming days. He begins to attack Jaspers giant soles and unleashes a powerful Hadoken. Astonishingly, Jasper experiences searing pain in her foot and recoils. Jason takes the opportunity to make a run for it, fleeing to the floor and heading for the door. Jasper, now furious, steps up to him, blocking his escape and grinning as she contemplates his fate. She hovers her colossal sole over him, contemplating whether to crush him on the spot or conclude the game the proper way. In a chilling ultimatum, Jasper tells Jason that he can go free if he can defeat the final boss and handle the pressure of her gigantic foot. If he fails, he will meet his demise. With no...
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