Foot Licking Cousins – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS dance trampling

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Length:12 min
Afterwards, the foot freaks must BEG for her feet to be worshipped. This is more than just licking her toes, it is a privilege. Princess Skylar is sitting on the throne with TWO LOSERS at her feet. Not only are they small and pathetic, but they are ACTUALLY related! Hahahahaha Apparently foot freaks run in the fam and Skylar is eager to find out who is better at using their tongue! Princess Skylar demands them to compete by licking her high heels clean so and turn their tongues BLACK! HAHAHAHAH   The two foot freaks then have to BEG to worship her feet. They don’t just get to lick her toes, it is a PRIVILEGE and they must prove themselves worthy of the opportunity! She humiliates them as they suck on her smelly sweaty feet, laughing in their faces! The loser that’s locked in the cage gets jealous of the foot licking losers and begs for the opportunity to worship her too!...
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