Demetris Demetris 2012 1080p little clam and pouring more

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Year 2012
Video quality 1080p
Duration 0:34:08
File size 2969.6 Mb
Demetris Demetris 2012 1080p little clam and pouring more
Wearing a spiked collar and and spiked wrist cuffs at the start of the set, Demetris has a very sullen look on her face, like she is sad, and lonely. Though in the distance we can see an assortment of toys to keep her company. Completely naked she crawls over to the cuffs on the fire place and caresses them as if they remind her of a long lost love. Then she crawls immediately over to the bulbous dildo standing erect on the floor and she begins to tease it with her luscious lips and tongue. She portrays the qualities of a sleek cat, touching her beautiful face up against the sexual pleasure devices as if to give them love. It's not long before she has cuffed her ankles together, and is pouring hot candle wax all over her hot naked body in the dimly lit room. The shadows she casts across the room will lead to some major erections, and the moans from the joy she receives from the pleasure and pain will solidify it. The hot wax dribbling down to her fully shaven and tattooed twat get her extremely excited and she starts massaging her little clam and pouring more hot wax onto it. Gorgeous sight indeed! A true Gothic girl with her black hair and dark eyes, she soon cuffs one wrist to the fireplace and sits on the odd shaped dildo. She squats and hops up and down on the phallic device, taking it deep inside her juicy box. Then she bends over and arches her back into doggy style and jams her pussy good with her free hand, giving herself a screaming orgasm with her face down and her ass up! Once she's done she sits in a dazed state, completely disheveled, and full of candle wax, but satisfied!
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