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Studio:Stars Fetish Fantasies
Length:13 min
you doing with them? Were you sniffing them? Were you sniffing the feet or were you sniffing somewhere else? The gusset is a little damp, were you licking it? You dirty little pervert, you were tasting your stepsister while jerking your cock. Do you have a thing for pantyhose or do you have a thing for your stepsister? Something really has to be done about this unacceptable behavior. Star begins removing clothing, youre confused. She explains that she really doesnt want to have to bother stepmom with this, shes going to punish you herself. No, shes not going to spank you, what is that another one of your little fantasies? No, take your pants off, show me your cock. No, Im not going to fuck you, thats disgusting. Youre going to put these pantyhose on. Now. Youre going to stroke your cock through those pantyhose until you cum. Star poses for you, rubbing her hands over her pantyhose, teasing you while you stroke it. You dont mind if she takes a picture do you? You cum in your stepsisters pantyhose while staring at her body. Star has one more...
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