ALSU and NICOLE – Did you miss Mistress Alsu? Of course yes! – FULL (HD) – LICKING GIRLS FEET u spitting

ALSU and NICOLE - Did you miss Mistress Alsu? Of course yes! - FULL (HD) - LICKING GIRLS FEET u spittingTo find more videos from
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Length:86 min
the asses of each slave and she dutifully followed their order.This round is over.. The game continues, not all the tasks from the circle of the slave have been completed, which means they need to be corrected. Now zoe will have to sniff the feet of the slave and Alsu and Nicole. zoe diligently licked the feet of each slave and of course the Mistresses. After Alsu and Nicole twirled the circle again and the insole fell on the hands. They chose the slave adele for this. adele had to kiss the hands of the slaves and pretend that she likes it, because if she does it well for the slaves, then Alsu and Nicole will let her into their hands. And now the most delicious. Ass licking. This should not be left to one slave. The girls decided to give everyone a taste of asses. Slaves take turns licking each others asses while Alsu and Nicole watch them and have fun. The girls decided that the slave misha tried the worst in their game. She had to become an ashtray for Alsu and Nicole and for all the slaves of too. The girls give each of their slaves a cigarette and order misha to be used as a human ashtray. Quite a humiliating and nasty punishment and apparently next time she will try to play better.   THIS FULL VIDEO INCLUDES 4 PARTS:   1 PART: ALSU and NICOLE - We were waiting for you Goddess Alsu! (HD)   2 PART: ALSU and NICOLE - Fun with five devoted slaves! (HD)   3 PART: ALSU and NICOLE - Roulette game with five slaves!...
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